Deadly Type Of Cancer - Colon Cancer

We all know that all types of cancer are deadly. We also know that of the different types, colon cancer is the worst to come across. However, there are very few who know what causes it to occur and what preventive measures can be adopted against it. As per the stats, in the year 2008 alone, 100,000 people got diagnosed with cancer. This figure could have been a bit misleading but when complimented with the fact that of these, 35,000 died, the problem becomes severe.

Symptoms of colon cancer generally crop up in the later stages which means when diagnosed, it's already too late. Further, it has the ability to spread to other organs of the body fairly faster than the others. Under such circumstances, it would be best to either undergo regular tests every year (preferably every 6 months) or recognize any changes that might happen in the body. The place to look at would of course be the rear near the anus as that is where the colon resides. The cancerous cells spread in the interior of the intestines. They are restrained only by these walls and when they breach it, they can spread very fast with liver being their primary target.

This deadly type of cancer is mostly caused due to hereditary; however, it can be caused by many other problems too. People who frequently indulge themselves in high fat food are most susceptible to this disease. As a result, it would be best to eat food items that are natural, clean and high on nutrient value. However, indulging once in a while in junk or hygienic food would not be harmful. Going overboard with their consumption would not have any harm in short term but in the long term, the damages may be highly measureable.

For the benefit of those who might not be able to make note of any changes in the body or body mechanisms themselves, a list of symptoms that may lead to colon cancer have been listed below. Keep in mind that these generally crop up after progressive damage has already been done. For this reason, the sooner they are discovered, the better it is. The idea is to stay agile.

a) Blood in Stool: Can be easily seen and witnessed. It may happen due to other reasons too e.g. Piles but it's always better to get a check up done.

b) Lack of Energy: Problems with the digestive system would mean reduced absorption of energy. As a result, one may suffer from lack of the same.

c) Irregular Bowel Habits: Another symptom that one should not experience under normal circumstances.

d) Stomach Pain: Cancerous cells can be very painful and when suffering from colon cancer, the patient is expected to suffer from severe stomach pains.

e) Appetite Loss: With all the above mentioned happening, loss of appetite is fairly predictive.

Anyone who suffers from these symptoms, it is best to contact a doctor immediately, especially if more than one symptoms that have been witnessed.