Deadly Type Of Cancer - Throat Cancer

Medical statistics report that 90% of throat cancer patients come to the hospital when they have already reached the advanced stage coming back from which is very hard. Because of bad eating habits, it is the men who are more susceptible to this disease. If the estimates are to be believed, men are at 90% more risk than women. This analogy can also be proved with the fact that it is the African Americans who constitute the largest numbers of people suffering from this deadly type of cancer.

Throat cancer is sometimes referred to as oral cancer, a term with which it is more popularly known by laymen. Talking about the American sub continent, approximately 30,000 cases are reported in the country alone of which 10,000 fail to meet the 1 year mark and 15,000 die within a span of 5 years. Tobacco, largely consumed by all smokers is the major cause.

By looking at the statistics, one can categorically state that throat cancer is one of the deadly types of cancer and should be taken precautions against. Just like all other types, a definite cure does not exist till date. While the death rate is not as high as colon or liver cancer, it surely is higher from many other types. Even then, it is essential to give adequate attention to them all as for the person suffering from any form that would be the deadliest. Unfortunately, symptoms for this disease include the likes of throat pain etc. which are commonly associated with problems such as tonsils, cold, cough etc. Until the problem has significantly aggravated, no doctor even thinks of carrying out a throat cancer test.

Another reason for categorising throat cancer as deadly is the fact that once an individual gets affected by this cancer, he becomes susceptible to other types of cancer too. It is very commonly seen that a throat cancer patient would be cured of throat cancer but end of contracting another type of cancer which is more deadly and uncontrollable. Worst case, people above 40 years of age are more liable to get affected, an age when immunity is already on a downward trend. It just proves that cancer does not affect immediately but over constant exposure to tobacco and other drugs during the youth.

It is essential to understand that smoking is not the cause of throat cancer but the use of tobacco. This essentially means that someone who consumes tobacco by alternate methods than smoking such as chewing is also at a risk. However, chewing would definitely reduce the risk of lung cancer which tobacco smokers cannot avoid. The chances of heart related diseases may increase. For this reason, tobacco should be avoided at all costs.

The best cure is to educate the general public of the harms that they may suffer from. However, despite the government taking up numerous awareness programs, the sale of tobacco is not seen a decrease. With time, attributed to the changing habits of women, they too are getting affected by throat cancer in increasing numbers.