Deadly Types Of Cancer - Bone Cancer

Suffering from any type of cancer is nothing less than a curse. It is by far one of the most horrible things to hear about anyone. There are N numbers of problems that can come up, not only for the patient but also his/ her loved ones. Cancer does not restrict itself to just one form. It comes in several forms like lung cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer etc. Due to some reason or the other, most of the population is not aware of this problem because of which, tabbing this deadly disease has become a challenge. Here, we will discuss one of the uncommon types of this disease - bone cancer.

On an average, approximately 2,500 people across America get diagnosed with bone cancer. This number is very small compared to those who get affected by other prominent ones but is still significant. Infants and children are more at risk to it compared to adults who have a slightly mature structure. As in the case of all other types of cancer, if one does acquire this disease, it has the potential to spread to other parts of the body fairly quickly. Bone cancer has been sub classified into 3 types.

1) The most common type of bone cancer is known as Osteo sarcoma in the medical world; occurring the most in the people who belong to the age group of 15 - 25, this deadly type of cancer causes elongation of bones in the arm and leg region practically deforming the body. The reason for this abnormal growth is of course attributed to increased growth rate of cells causing tumour.

2) The second form of the same is called Ewing's sarcoma. Children belonging to the age group of 5 - 15 years are most vulnerable to it. Again, adults are less at risk with the occurrence being very rare. Previous results suggest that this form of bone cancer is the deadliest in its group and has been found to be the most aggressive.

3) Third form is known as Chondro sarcoma. Approximately 25% of the patients of bone cancer are diagnosed with this type of bone cancer. Unlike the abovementioned 2, adults over the age of 40 years are most at risk of suffering from it. Hips and the pelvis gets attacked first which makes it difficult to sit, stand or walk.

With time, as the numbers of people suffering from cancer across the world increases, the pressure to find a cure is mounting on the heads of the medical scientists. There have been a couple of breakthroughs but none of them have been 100% successful. As a result, the only thing that we are normal citizens can do is to take appropriate precautions and try to keep all deadly types of cancers at bay. Understanding how these diseases spread is vital and so is making sure that precautionary measures are followed at all times. Doing this would save both us and our loved ones the pain and trauma of knowing that there is no definite cure and the end may soon come.